Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I have not posted for a couple of days, have been busy.

I got a parakeet! It's very exciting really, I am trying to tame her (maybe her?) Her name is Jackie after my Grandmother. She is yellow, my favorite color! The lady at pet smart told me her wings were clipped but when I got her home I realized she was wrong after chasing her for an hour and her landing on top of my wall unit. Such liars there! I am not sure if I will have them clipped or not.

I am trying with my diet really hard this week. I am trying to portion out my day properly with fruits and more "real" food instead of just junk and snacks. It's not that easy! So far I have had a bowl of fiber plus cinnamon cereal and a hard boiled egg. Will see how I do!

I have been exercising a lot, we road our bikes this weekend 8am to my aunts house. We had to walk up the hill... couldn't ride up! I also went in our pool, it's been open for a few weeks but too cold to go in. It's still pretty cool but not bad. So I am exercising in that, I get the most exercise in the summer because I work out in the pool A LOT. Something I can do with my asthma and foot problem. It's also good for my mood issues. SO yay for pool!

Well I need to go work on some papers!

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