Thursday, July 28, 2011

Went to Just Dance last night... the normal instructor wasn't there because she was sick. So we had a different girl who I didn't really like her routine. My bad foot ended up hurting a lot after because of the stuff she had us do. A lot of stuff where you stand on one foot while you do stuff with the other. So anytime I had to stand on the bad one it would hurt because it wasn't just for a few seconds. Oh well! Hopefully we won't need her again lol. My cousin and aunt was there too so that's always fun. My cousin starts college August 30th she's going away to another state for it so I guess she's trying to get in as much gym classes as she can before she goes. She is very fit though, just got her black belt in Karate last month.

Not sure if I will do zumba tonight because they are having an open house and everyone can bring friends so it will be super crowded. So I already did one of the walk at home DVDs this morning and going swimming in a few minutes. I am going to try and do the DVD again later it's only 20 minutes.

I also got a new heart rate monitor watch I can't figure out how to use! My heart rate is rather high though. It started at 90-100 before exercise (super high) Then during exercise went to 140. So who knows... maybe it's one of the med's I am on or something.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Went to zumba last night. Was fun like usual. Of course the fan right above our spot wasn't on and none of us could reach it so it was SUPER hot. But I look at it as burning more calories lol. On Thursday they are having an open house so people in zumba can bring a friend. I am not too happy about this because the class already has 200 plus people in it and crowded so I don't know what they are thinking! It will be crazy! Tonight is Just Dance which is pretty much zumba lol.

Eating is still not good! But I am REALLY trying today.

Last night there was a wasp in my bedroom (there was one in my room a few weeks ago) Anyway, it was on the mirror behind her bad and she wacked it with a magazine and broke the whole mirror... It was something lol. Stupid wasps all over the backyard getting in my house!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My exercise is going pretty well since last weigh in but my eating isn't that great. It is not horrible like it was a few weeks ago but not great. I am going to be good now...

We have zumba tonight. We pretty much go 5 days a week and it's tough but it is a really good workout. It's hard for me to do a treadmill or something... I need someone telling me what I need to do lol. It also doesn't feel like I am doing it for 45 minutes it feels faster and I like that. I am getting better at zumba. There is one instructor who does a lot of like salsa music or whatever it's called and I don't really like that. But there is one instructor who does different ones that I can do better. I wonder who it is tonight... hm

Well I am going in the pool now!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Well I lost half a pound this week... I didn't get weighed in the past 2 weeks because I was really sick. I am sure it would of been up though. I think I lost what I would of went up this past week because I started zumba again. It was really crowded on Tuesday that they even checked to make sure people there had the gold card. I don't like it when it's that crowded but I am still glad I went. We are going again tonight I think at like 7 or 745 I like it better at like 5 because then I get it over with lol.

I am still feeling down but I am trying to get myself up again and not letting it make me not do anything like it would in the past.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I haven't posted in a while so I figured I should.

I have been feeling very down lately. I don't know if maybe I am in a depression of my bipolar or something. But I have been feeling very bad and crying a lot. Of course my eating is horrible because I am emotional eating. I know I am doing that... so I should stop right? I don't know why I can't >< And I am still too sick to do zumba so this is not going to be good.

Well that's pretty much it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need to exercise

I am feeling a bit better today... my asthma is still awful though. It's hard because I was taken off so many of my asthma meds because of my kidneys. I really don't want to fill the prednisone script but I will see... My brother came upstairs today and he was like "my throat hurt's you gave me strep!" He's so stupid. MEN

I am going to have to figure something out with my exercise and I am not going to weigh in tomorrow I am too sick anyway but I need to be SUPER good this week, I mean like total tracking and not going over any points lol. I might attempt swimming later... I am still debating it. I really miss swimming! I get so jealous anytime I look at the pool and it's so nice looking! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not much to post really... I am still sick but I think I am getting a bit better. It really stinks with my asthma when I get sick >< I really need to exercise when i don't it is always bad. I can et perfect but if I don't exercise at least an hour a day I will gain. Not that I have been eating perfect lol. I have the thyroid doctor on Friday she better increase my meds! I am going to ask her to see me once a month from now on until they get it under control, waiting 3 months is crazy!

I have read like 3 books since I have gotten sick, and that was on Friday! Joshua books are the bomb.

I called up the skin doctor yesterday to check on my biopsy results and they were like "it takes at least a week" even though the doctor told me 2 days! I am not that nervous I would just like to know asap.

Well, that's it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I am still super sick! It is ridiculous really. I woke up at like 6 and had to do the nebulizer which is always annoying but I enjoy breathing and such. I cannot figure out why my prayers have not fixed this already! The only thing I could think of is that I read a new Joshua book since I have been sick, telling lady lime to read it made me want to again! They always make me have more faith and stuff so maybe God is wanting me to read them and if I was well I might not... Although I still completely blame my brother lol. 

Did you know that some people when there sick loose their appetites!? I know it's shocking, because I sure don't! If anything I go for foods that are horrible for me! Which isn't good considering I can't really work it off or anything... I was going to go in the pool today for a few minutes to see if it made me feel any better but my mom doesn't seem to think it's a good idea. It stinks I got sick when she's off from work for a holiday and it's super good pool weather. 

I hope anyone who actually reads this has a good 4th of July!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


cannot stand our tenants! I feel so sick and I was trying to sleep and they were blasting the TV until 1:30am! And making a ton of noise! It's kind of rude I mean we are considerate and try to be very quiet if we are up late but not them! So I wasn't able to sleep until like 2am. And my mom of course STILL won't have a talk with them. Driving me nuts, and they have been up since like 730am making noise! Do they not sleep, I mean the little kid is there and everything you would think children sleep! That poor kid had some coughing fit yesterday outside standing right next to his dad who of course still didn't put the cigarette down while the child couldn't breathe >< Crazy I tell you!

Anyway... I woke up at like 7 to take my thyroid medicine and decided to take my anti biotic (my brother gave me bronchitis) at the same time. Apparently you need to eat when you take that, and you can't eat for an hour after taking the thyroid meds so I felt kinda sick from that lol

I ate so bad yesterday... whenever I am sick I eat the worst possible foods. Like most people don't eat at all when they are sick... not me! It's really pretty absurd. And I can't do any exercise short of dumbbells or something to burn it off. So I really need to try and be good today... 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost .6 I am very happy it is not up but it's still kind of a downer! I didn't get a chance to do zumba this week or I think I would have done better. I also have the thyroid doctor on the 8th so hopefully she can increase my meds more and I will see more of a loss!