Thursday, June 30, 2011

So I didn't get to go to zumba yesterday because my aunts car broke down we thought we were going to go get her but turns out she needed to work longer anyway so we could have gone. Instead I rode my bike and did laps in the pool again. I just really wish I could of gone at least once this week after the baptism party on Sunday and not eating well on Saturday. I tried really hard the rest of the week so hopefully it will be okay.

My aunt is borrowing my car tomorrow. I didn't really want to lend it to her because I am 99% sure she is using drugs again but I felt bad saying no. She needs to borrow it several times a year which was okay because she wasn't on anything. So she's been crying all day about not being able to afford the car repair and stuff. I feel bad I really do but she's probably using a lot on drugs... She has never had it easy with money especially after rehab she always struggled and needed help but it's just frustrating when I know she's using it on drugs and other things. I know she is ill but then she needs to go get help but she doesn't.

Oh well that's my rant for the day...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well, I had blood work today for my thyroid and stuff, it is usually a big event for me because I tend to not do well. Blood work went okay, she refused to take it from my wrist like the other places do and took it from the top of my hand instead. It worked but took a while and hurt a little. But I was okay so that is good! 

I have felt rather sick today though ever since. I guess it's just a coincidence. I am really tired and have a horrible headache all day long. Of course when i don't feel good my eating is bad... really need to stop doing that. I just need to get in that right mind set I lost the past two weeks and don't want to have a gain, seems to be the pattern.

We have not been able to get in touch with my aunt all day which is very strange because she had off today and was talking about going swimming it our house. It's also strange because my brother had an interview at her job she was very excited about and was calling every 10 minutes about the past few days and today nothing. She is the one that we think is using again but like other things my mom and other aunts see no need to do anything about it and get mad if I try so. My mom is checking at her house now on the way home from work, hopefully everything is okay and she just lost her cell. Just called my mom actually and heard her yelling through the door so now I am rather worried :( At least I heard my aunt yelling back but it didn't sound good and the landlord was there too. Will pray everything goes okay... Maybe this will be a time that she will see she needs to go get help again. 

Well that's pretty much it for now!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Dad just left, he fixed my two front windows of my car it was cool. I took off the inside of a car door by myself! hehe My car (xterra) had recalls on all the window regulators of course they said my specific car did not, yet all 4 windows stopped working 3 times so far lol It wasn't that bad. My dad normally get's nasty when working on something but he was actually rather nice. Then we got some starbucks, I LOVE light mocha fraps! 

Didn't get a chance to do zumba this morning but I went last night so that is good! I was kind of annoyed because there was this girl about a foot behind the instructer the whole time so I couldn't really see what was going on... no one else could either. Maybe the girl didn't realize it but I wish the instructor said something.  
Well I am going to go swimming now because it is SO hot especially after being outside all morning! 

Friday, June 24, 2011


Down 1.6! Yay! I know it's not much but it's down and that makes me happy. I really can't wait for my thyroid to be fixed so I can loose a bit more at a time... Non the less I am happy :) I didn't do zumba yesterday because my mom was sick but I downloaded some zumba onto the wii and did some of that last night.

Zumba tonight at the gym :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So I am liking the gym... I didn't think I would really do classes but it seems that is all I am doing there! I have done zumba twice and yesterday I did Just Dance which is pretty much zumba but harder. I like to go all the way in back, 1 so I can sit if my foot starts to hurt and 2 so no one watches me! Well, last night the instructor decided that for some of it should would make the back the front! So she ran to right in front of me!!! I was like :-0 hehe Oh well, I survived! 

I really hope I see a loss tomorrow... I hear that zumba burns a lot of calories and stuff and i sure feel like it does during it. SO I pray I will go down! There is a dietician there that you get a free consult with and that if you choose to do so you can purchase sessions with her for 25 bucks a session is blocks of 4. I am already paying for the Lucille Robert's and weight watchers so I don't think I will be doing that! My mom want's to though so I think it would be good for her. 

I hope everyone else is good! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011


So me and my mom joined Lucille Roberts! We went in today for the orientation and the woman was like "oh are you guys here for zumba!?" and of course my mom goes "okay!" so yeah we did zumba! Zumba with like 50 other people and with my anxiety issues it's pretty impressive lol. Good Lord it is some work out. I was drenched within about 3 minutes! But I was happy I was able to finish it :D I was so proud of myself. I apologized to my foot afterwards though! Although it wasn't that bad on my foot. My foot was acting up during orientation because we were standing for a while and it hurts more when I stand than when I actually move on it. I am wanting to try more classes, I hear there is one you do on a yoga ball which would be good for my foot. A few years ago I was obsessed with my yoga ball everyone used to joke about it hehe.

Well I hope all is well!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I actually lost weight! Only 1.8 but I am super happy that finally it did not go up!!! :D The tracking worked!

I did the good old sweating to the oldies last night for the first time in a while. I stopped when I injured my foot and I probably shouldn't of yet but I made sure to wear my sneaker inserts and stuff. It's not as long as I remember it... well I think that's because maybe it's not as hard anymore as it was for me.

I am thinking about joining a gym again. The one I used to go to I like because it has a pool but it's 65 a month after a big enrollment fee and I am having financial issues so. There is another one that my aunt is in and my friend just joined Lucille Roberts so perhaps I will do that because it's really cheap and no contract.

Well that's it, I hope everyone is good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Well this weekend was a good weight watchers weekend. I have been doing really well. I have also been tracking in pen... this has made me see that I was definitely not counting everything... My guestimations were not good! Like I really must of been going over... 

I am also exercising more which is good. No more excuses.... Kind of a downer that the weather is not permitting the pool but it will again in a week hopefully, please God! 

Well hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, June 10, 2011


So I gained! I did really good this week too. Up 1.4 this is just so ridiculous! I know at this time of the month it is normal to go up but I really thought I would see some kind of loss... The meeting was about tracking and stuff and I am thinking perhaps I will start to track in the book again instead of using etools. Maybe that will help me see things differently or something, and be more accountable. It used to be easier to track with paper and pen on the old program. But now since points plus has no slider it is more difficult and I don't want to carry around that bulky calculator all the time. But I shall do it anyway! I really want to see a loss next Friday and I will do everything possible to see that happen. I used to exercise 3 times a day and I am going to do that again starting right now!

Okay now... hehe

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Missed physical therapy this morning because I am not feeling too good, 90 degrees doesn't help! They want me to go in the heated pool there, it's like a 95 degree pool (used to be 100) and it's really hot out for that! Not to mention not liking to wear a bathing suit there, the pool room is all glass walls around it so everyone can see you! I might on Tuesday because I should be getting my new bathing suit in the mail tomorrow *crosses fingers* But if it's 90 degrees out, no way!

I really need to exercise big time today. Weigh in is tomorrow and of course at this time of the month I am always up and go crazy! I figure if I exercise a ton I can off set it though. I am thinking doing pool exercises, my stationary bike, and a DVD. I may go riding later but with this heat I am not sure. My eating has not been great today, been craving chocolate since I woke up at 6! I think i might even dreamed about it! hahahah wouldn't surprise me. I tried making a smoothie before, it didn't come out very good! I have no idea how to make one I really need to figure that out.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exercise, lungs, mothers, and sims


So I really exercised a lot today! Both in the pool (twice) and on the bicycle. It is super hot 90 degrees out! That made the pool nice but the riding, not so much! The pool is still really cold but I kind of like it that way now! And I get in really fast too, I figure I will eventually get in might as well not wait!

Then I had the lung doctor and my lungs are doing well! Have the lungs of a 17 year old, could of sworn they said a 13 year old last year! Either way they feel a lot better compared to last year which is pretty awesome considering I stopped half my asthma meds because of my kidney problems. Yay for breathing!

On the way home I fought with my mother... me and her are VERY close so I guess fighting is normal. Anyway she has a dissociative problem and it's becoming worse lately. She forgets saying things and get's very angry with me and yells when I remind her of something she has said not realizing she has no clue she did. I understand it's an illness and with my bipolar I know how frustrating it is. I just wish that maybe she would switch therapists because she has been seeing the same one for 14 years and still has big time issues and they are worrying me. Oh well I pray she will be better.

Besides that nothing else is really knew except for my obsession with the new sims expansion pack :-0

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have not posted for a while! Well I gained another 1.6 pounds, go figure. So I know I always say it but I am trying very hard this week!

I was excited because I finally got my school work done and my professor decides I need to do papers she originally said I didn't need to! So frustrating! ><

Turns out my aunt who is having a difficult time with the drugs went for a check up and her blood pressure is 190/120. So that is worrisome and she is also borderline diabetic (saw that one coming) She is refusing to pay her deductible to get her meds... my mom wants to pay for it but I don't think she should considering where my aunt's money is going to. But no one ever listens to me!

Well that's pretty much it... lol