Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello peeps,

So I had weigh in today... up 1.2! Which is not awful I mean I did do pretty bad this week plus my period didn't help. I need to be really good this week to get back on track. I keep getting stuck around 35 pounds down... it's so frustrating. I exercised a ton yesterday in hopes to not gain today lol but 1 day of exercise isn't going to make up for a week of eating awful. 

I have my cousins graduation party tomorrow it's 2 hours away. I get anxious about these kind of things so I can't wait to get back! 

Anyways now I need to go work on more papers, boo!

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  1. Dont feel bad I have been eating crazy too I will most likely be up too. Theres always next week. I guess since my friends blogging again I should write my name after comments so you know who is talking to you lol. I hope your papers come out good and end already lol and congrats to your cousin!! -Kim-