Sunday, May 22, 2011

I had my cousins graduation party yesterday and that went well, better than expected. My eating was good there but it was kinda boring besides that. More people showed up then said would. Including my aunt on my fathers side. My parents both have common family so it gets awkward at family functions ever since my parents got divorced. My dad and step mother will never go to a function of my moms side goes... so normally they leave my mom's side out so my dad can go... kind of stupid considering he was the cheater. Anyways it's been years now so they really need to suck it up and just come! It's always frustrating that he won't come. So yeah my dad didn't come. His sister that came talked to my mom. A few years ago she was pretty nasty with my mother because of lies my dad has told her. My mom and her were very close even after the divorce, my mom was actually the one to talk her into talking to my dad again (they were not on speaking terms). Anyway she apologized to my mom which is big.

After the party we went to my all time favorite restaurant which we don't go to often because it's in Brooklyn. So that's when I did bad on the diet, cheese burger, cheese onion rings, and a chocolate shake later... Not good! But it was totally worth it. At that point i was excited because it was after 6 and I was still alive hehe. Of course my aunt (with the drug problems) tried to steak a salt shaker, I know its only like a buck but I can't stand when she steals! So yeah I took it out of her bag and she was pretty pissed. Oh well!

Today my father came out and we went out for coffee and breakfast (yay for Starbucks) I got a light frap and oatmeal so I did well point wise. Later me and mom rode bikes again. I was super tired so that didn't last too long. I got some results back from the kidney doc and it is not any infection so I will need to get more tests. I was really hoping it was just an infection so the anti-biotics would just fix it. Now I am worried that it's my kidney disease >< Hopefully it's no big deal. I am supposed to call the doctor tomorrow but I don't really feel like it but I will see. My birthday is in a few days so I am trying to figure out where I will go for it. Oh decisions!

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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  1. Family drama sucks. Your choices may not have been good but you had a good time thats all that matter. It's not like it's and everyday thing.I'm sorry to hear your results were not what you expected:( I will keep you in my prayers. Oh Happy Early Birthday!! just incase I don't get to say it lol