Friday, May 13, 2011

Down 1/4!

So no blog yesterday because blogger was down ALL DAY. It was pretty uneventful anyways. I had school and found out I still have a lot of work to do! I started 2 courses 2 months late because my first professor decided to never show up and none of the faculty seemed to want to do anything about the situation so I had to choose another 2 classes in place of them. Annoying but I will live.

Today was weigh in day and dun dun dun... down .4 or 1/4 a pound if you will. I happy it was not a gain at least! After what I ate on mother's day it was surprising not to mention I have my "friend." I hate when the ww ladies don't say anything when you get off the scale it really freaks me out! Except today after I got off she said "How is the thyroid meds coming along?" and I was like "Oh my God I gained everything back didn't I!!!" And she was like "no no your down!" Almost had a heart attack I tell you!

We went to Brooklyn today for my aunt's birthday, it was a bit emotional. Birthdays this year I imagine will be since grandma passed away in February. But besides the little bit of tears it went pretty well. Pretty much all my points were used for lunch! But it was worth it.

My aunt is a recovering drug/alcohol addict. We recently discovered some glass and homemade pipes in her apartment so we think she is using crack again. She insists she is not but that's to be expected. I think she needs to be in an in-treatment rehab again but my other aunt's think she just needs to go to NA and AA. They are great programs but I just don't think it's enough for her at the current time. They are worried she will loose her job if she has to go away again, but frankly if she goes down this road she will end up loosing it anyway. It is hard not having much say since I am just the niece. Since I was 13 I was taking care of my grandma, after high school I was pretty much her primary caregiver because her kids didn't want to help. Yet when it came time to make decisions regarding her they said I had no say! Frustrating. Oh well I will pray for the situation it's the most I can do.

Speaking of praying.... God has bent really awesome! People laugh but it's true! I have learned you can ask him for anything even the littlest things and he will come through. For example, today we hit a lot of traffic coming home from Brooklyn so I told my mom "well you know what we got to do, ask God to make it stop!" So after she laughed at me she went along with it. And within 15 seconds the traffic stopped. He's pretty awesome!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

PS- Thanks for the comments on my previous posts :)

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  1. .4 is still good I was scared at my weigh in today too lol. Also I'm sorry you are going through that and have went through some shit with your grandmother. I took care of my grandmother too but her daughter was there too. I can't imagine if I took care of her on my own and they wouldnt let me make the decisions. Thats real frustrating!! I wish your aunt the best of luck and I as well as you think that aa and na wont work to well. I def, think she needs a live in situation that makes it harder to go back. They work on your psychological needs too not just physical. I hope everything works itself out. I will keep you in my prayers! And yes God is pretty Awesome! :)