Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Well today was Mother's Day, I am not a mother but I have one! I love her very much as she is pretty awesome and always there for me even though I can be and was very difficult. I don't like to get painted nails and stuff like that but I made an exception and went to get a manicure with her. It was very awkward as I am not used to it at all. They came out pretty good I suppose except one of them is already chipped!

I got her an itunes and nail plus gift card then we went out to a Steak House to eat. I did very good point wise until... dun dun dun... desert! I got cheesecake and good lord it must of been like a million points. It was totally worth it though.

When we got home we rode our bikes again, I am getting much better at turning! Yay!

I volunteered at church on the computer last night and didn't get to bed until 2:30am so  I am super tired and cannot wait to sleep tonight!

Well, that's it for tonight!

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