Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Okay my diet has officially went to hell. I am so hungry it's crazy! I have not been this hungry for a really long time. I really need to be good today! I want to exercise at least 3 times today... I did that a few months ago every day and I did pretty well on the scales. 

I did walk last night, I need to be carful with that because of my injured ankle considering I missed physical therapy both days last week because of my car. I start again tomorrow which is good but it's super early in the morning! That's probably a good thing though because now I can't stay up late and have more time to eat! 

I really need to do my school work today I have been really putting it off, it's just so endless! Seriously there is only so much I can write about 2 pieces of art yet alone 10 pages on it. Besides I will get an A so they might as well just give it to me! 

Well I am going to go work on it now!


  1. lol I def know how you feel I had to write an 18 page paper for sociology. I hope you get an A and i hope its over for you soon

  2. :( dang homework and school... bogging you down!! And they should just give you an A. Bam done... focus on you now ;)

    Don't give yourself to much of a hard time about the diet and working out.. make sure you are feeling up to it, you don't want to hurt yourself more.