Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weight Watchers, Bikes, and Broken Cars

Oh my first post, how exciting! I have not had a journal for a super long time. If you didn't read my profile, I am on weight watchers. It's been a struggle especially with a recently found thyroid imbalance that we are finally working on. Adjustment periods with the medication really stink! I am proud to announce though that I FINALLY lost 2.2 pound during my Friday weigh in. My total so far is down 34 pounds, taking a very long time! 

The eating write is fairly simple, I never really ate bad or anything but it could of used some improvements like eating more "real" food. Exercise on the other hand has always been difficult. Health issues always made it challenging but recently I have found ways to do it in ways I can. I can walk about 45 minutes to an hour now which is pretty cool. When I am not feeling well I find other things to do like stretching or exercise DVD's, as long as I am still moving I am happy! 

Today I actually got a bike (birthday gift from my father.) It is fairly easy to ride. I need to work on turning and going up hill... Haha it sounds funny I know! But I get kind of freaked out like I will fall when I try to turn! My mother and I tried riding to my aunt's house but it was too hard with all the hills so we just rode around the neighborhood for a bit. Very excited about the bike. 

God has been very good lately, well he is always God but I am just recently realizing how simple things can be when you truly understand that all you have to do is ask God for help. From my health to getting things I want God has surely helped me! My newest prayer is for him to fix my car, today the AC broke and the temperature gauge went all the way to hot. It sounds bad but I know it's possible when it comes to asking God! 

I know I can ask my father for help but I feel bad doing so when he just purchased me the bike and such. I am currently on SSI and giving the money to my mother to help her pay for the mortgage every month so financially I am not doing too great. 

Well that's it for tonight, I volunteer at church tonight so it will be a late night!

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