Thursday, July 28, 2011

Went to Just Dance last night... the normal instructor wasn't there because she was sick. So we had a different girl who I didn't really like her routine. My bad foot ended up hurting a lot after because of the stuff she had us do. A lot of stuff where you stand on one foot while you do stuff with the other. So anytime I had to stand on the bad one it would hurt because it wasn't just for a few seconds. Oh well! Hopefully we won't need her again lol. My cousin and aunt was there too so that's always fun. My cousin starts college August 30th she's going away to another state for it so I guess she's trying to get in as much gym classes as she can before she goes. She is very fit though, just got her black belt in Karate last month.

Not sure if I will do zumba tonight because they are having an open house and everyone can bring friends so it will be super crowded. So I already did one of the walk at home DVDs this morning and going swimming in a few minutes. I am going to try and do the DVD again later it's only 20 minutes.

I also got a new heart rate monitor watch I can't figure out how to use! My heart rate is rather high though. It started at 90-100 before exercise (super high) Then during exercise went to 140. So who knows... maybe it's one of the med's I am on or something.

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  1. Dont you hate substitutes and open houses? As if it isnt embarrassing enough with the 200 ppl lol i mean you just get used to them then they pile in more ppl. You should talk to your doctor about your heart rate maybe they can put you on another med if thats the cause.