Sunday, July 3, 2011


cannot stand our tenants! I feel so sick and I was trying to sleep and they were blasting the TV until 1:30am! And making a ton of noise! It's kind of rude I mean we are considerate and try to be very quiet if we are up late but not them! So I wasn't able to sleep until like 2am. And my mom of course STILL won't have a talk with them. Driving me nuts, and they have been up since like 730am making noise! Do they not sleep, I mean the little kid is there and everything you would think children sleep! That poor kid had some coughing fit yesterday outside standing right next to his dad who of course still didn't put the cigarette down while the child couldn't breathe >< Crazy I tell you!

Anyway... I woke up at like 7 to take my thyroid medicine and decided to take my anti biotic (my brother gave me bronchitis) at the same time. Apparently you need to eat when you take that, and you can't eat for an hour after taking the thyroid meds so I felt kinda sick from that lol

I ate so bad yesterday... whenever I am sick I eat the worst possible foods. Like most people don't eat at all when they are sick... not me! It's really pretty absurd. And I can't do any exercise short of dumbbells or something to burn it off. So I really need to try and be good today... 

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