Sunday, July 17, 2011

I haven't posted in a while so I figured I should.

I have been feeling very down lately. I don't know if maybe I am in a depression of my bipolar or something. But I have been feeling very bad and crying a lot. Of course my eating is horrible because I am emotional eating. I know I am doing that... so I should stop right? I don't know why I can't >< And I am still too sick to do zumba so this is not going to be good.

Well that's pretty much it!

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  1. sorry :( I hope you feel better. I havent been to good on the eating part for like 2 weeks now lol and I WI this sat. to see just how much I gained I am seriously thinking 5+ lbs my mom says no way but I seriously feel like i could have gained 10 thats how off track I feel. So think about it your situation could be worse like mine. :) cheer up!