Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Went to zumba last night. Was fun like usual. Of course the fan right above our spot wasn't on and none of us could reach it so it was SUPER hot. But I look at it as burning more calories lol. On Thursday they are having an open house so people in zumba can bring a friend. I am not too happy about this because the class already has 200 plus people in it and crowded so I don't know what they are thinking! It will be crazy! Tonight is Just Dance which is pretty much zumba lol.

Eating is still not good! But I am REALLY trying today.

Last night there was a wasp in my bedroom (there was one in my room a few weeks ago) Anyway, it was on the mirror behind her bad and she wacked it with a magazine and broke the whole mirror... It was something lol. Stupid wasps all over the backyard getting in my house!

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  1. lol wow sounds like my luck... hope you got all the glass up that would def. be a bad situation