Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So, after gaining weight last week I was really upset. 1.6 is a lot for all of the exercise I did and stuff. I have done zumba almost everyday. My mom got me a new heart rate monitor watch that is easier to use so i can track how I am doing. 

Zumba Yesterday- 45 minutes
805 Calories Burnt
105g of fat
2.6 Miles
3.6 Mikes an hour

Zumba Today- 37 minutes (left before stretching)
651 Calories Burnt
84g of fat
2.241 Miles
3.5 Miles an hour

It's pretty exciting to see those numbers and I really hope it all pays off... 


  1. I want a heart monitor!! Are they easy to use?! Is it helpful?! I have been thinking about investing in one forever. I dream about the body bugg... but money... tends to be an issue.. and those bad boys are EXPENSIVE!! keep moving forward... dont dwell on the gain, just focus on you and how you are feeling! :)

  2. They are easy once you get the hang of it, it is frustrating at first! The first one I got was pretty cheap but it had a chest strap and that was uncomfortable so I got one that u put ur finger on every few minutes and it seems to be pretty accurate. It's helpful because I can see if I am at where I should be and stuff. And it's also really nice to see all the work you did after hehe.
    This is the first one I had and it's 40 bucks if you don't mind using the chest strap:
    And here is the one I have now, I like it a lot better but it's more expensive:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I am sure it will pay off maybe it was just one of those weeks. I gained 2.2 2 weeks ago and only lost .6 last week. I am hoping for a good loss this weekend. Crossing my fingers for the both of us!!