Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My exercise is going pretty well since last weigh in but my eating isn't that great. It is not horrible like it was a few weeks ago but not great. I am going to be good now...

We have zumba tonight. We pretty much go 5 days a week and it's tough but it is a really good workout. It's hard for me to do a treadmill or something... I need someone telling me what I need to do lol. It also doesn't feel like I am doing it for 45 minutes it feels faster and I like that. I am getting better at zumba. There is one instructor who does a lot of like salsa music or whatever it's called and I don't really like that. But there is one instructor who does different ones that I can do better. I wonder who it is tonight... hm

Well I am going in the pool now!

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  1. kind of sounds like me lol It seems harder to jump back on the wagon after a few weeks off program. I think it feels like when I first started the old ww program and I was hungry all the time because the points were so low. I started pp at 34 I think and now Im at 29 so gorging on anything whenever builds up a nice appetite I guess lol It gonna take some getting used to to get back on track but we can do this! I am here if you need anything. Good luck!