Saturday, June 18, 2011


So me and my mom joined Lucille Roberts! We went in today for the orientation and the woman was like "oh are you guys here for zumba!?" and of course my mom goes "okay!" so yeah we did zumba! Zumba with like 50 other people and with my anxiety issues it's pretty impressive lol. Good Lord it is some work out. I was drenched within about 3 minutes! But I was happy I was able to finish it :D I was so proud of myself. I apologized to my foot afterwards though! Although it wasn't that bad on my foot. My foot was acting up during orientation because we were standing for a while and it hurts more when I stand than when I actually move on it. I am wanting to try more classes, I hear there is one you do on a yoga ball which would be good for my foot. A few years ago I was obsessed with my yoga ball everyone used to joke about it hehe.

Well I hope all is well!

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