Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exercise, lungs, mothers, and sims


So I really exercised a lot today! Both in the pool (twice) and on the bicycle. It is super hot 90 degrees out! That made the pool nice but the riding, not so much! The pool is still really cold but I kind of like it that way now! And I get in really fast too, I figure I will eventually get in might as well not wait!

Then I had the lung doctor and my lungs are doing well! Have the lungs of a 17 year old, could of sworn they said a 13 year old last year! Either way they feel a lot better compared to last year which is pretty awesome considering I stopped half my asthma meds because of my kidney problems. Yay for breathing!

On the way home I fought with my mother... me and her are VERY close so I guess fighting is normal. Anyway she has a dissociative problem and it's becoming worse lately. She forgets saying things and get's very angry with me and yells when I remind her of something she has said not realizing she has no clue she did. I understand it's an illness and with my bipolar I know how frustrating it is. I just wish that maybe she would switch therapists because she has been seeing the same one for 14 years and still has big time issues and they are worrying me. Oh well I pray she will be better.

Besides that nothing else is really knew except for my obsession with the new sims expansion pack :-0

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  1. Good job on your exercises. I hate cold pools lol well at least when I first get in. sorry about your mom, I will keep her in m prayers.