Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So I burned 1,357 calories yesterday! I did the 45 minute walking dvd (3 mikes) and of course my zumba again! Yay for zumba. 

Since I have been on the t3 I have had some good effects! My eyebrows are officially back! My left one more so but the right one is growing back too. Thank goodness for bangs! My mood has been more up and I am not as tired. As well as I am not skipping my time of the month anymore. And of course I am no long gaining weight which is awesome. I am so happy I finally found a good doctor! I want to like call up my old one and be like "you suck!" but I will refrain from doing so. 

Hope everyone is good!

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  1. Great news!!!! Sorry I have been MIA for a while its been hard to do this challenge and catch up with everyone still. Thats a crap load of calories GREAT job!!!! I am so happy you have found a good doc and some good meds to get you back to feeling like the old you. :) Hope this week goes good and your next weigh in is awesome!